My journey
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 ” Hasel ” Lake

North of Iran

Small Lagoon Hsl (Hasel or Hesel) In the southwestern city of Chalus in the forest Sinava and Talaju is very Magical destination.

“Saqalaksar” dam

This lake is located 15 kilometers south of Rasht in Iranbehind an embankment dam in Saqalaksar Village. The word Saqalaksar means “place where birds gather to drink water.” In the past birds like strokes and starlings frequently gathered at the lake.

“Churat” Lake

Churat Lake is one of the most fascinating and exceptional natural lakes in Iran. Lake in the heart of the forest in North of Iran.

“Latian” dam

Oh! Its a Hot summer day. Lets go fishing !!

Tochal mountains

Its located in North of Tehran . I used to spend my winter weekends on these locations with my friend arezu.


Amazing 3 day camiping trip with My lovely friends.

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